Political careers in modern party democracies: a search for indicators for political success

icon-linkThis project addresses the central question ‘What kind of competences & qualities of politicians (especially members of Parliament) determine political success and to what extent do political parties to capitalize on these qualities in their recruitment and candidate-selection strategies?

escalator-769790_1920The research tries to uncover indicators for ‘political success’ defined here in terms of rising on the party candidate-lists between two different elections. Two different groups of indicators are considered. The first in the group of qualities and competences are related to the external visibility of politicians (how do Members of Parliament try to get the message out to the voters and the general public? – related to Hanna Pitkin’s ‘standing for’). The second group of qualities is related to the internal visibility of Members of Parliament, the parliamentary work proper (related to Pitkin’s acting for).

Contact: Wim Voermans